Proofreading Service

Many students have very good academic and writing research skills, but they need someone to polish and improve the quality of their written assignments. Sometimes it helps if a second pair of eyes looks at your work, giving you a fresh perspective and capturing mistakes you could not capture. This is the reason we are offering a highly professional, quick, and reliable essay proofreading service and dissertation proofreading service. The proofreading service is highly flexible and designed to match the exact requirements of the assignment, and to address specific problems. If you want to use our proofreading service all you need to do is email us your paper and its requirements, and some notes on what you feel like needs to be improved. We will review the paper ourselves and will recommend one of the following:

• Basic proofreading service: covers basic proofreading of language, grammar, vocabulary

• Secondary proofreading service: covers the above plus improvement of content and structure, expanding on critical analysis if necessary

• Advanced proofreading service: covers the above two plus re-phrasing of plagiarised paragraphs if necessary

Our expert proofreading service can help you really improve the final outlook of your paper in terms of content, structure, and language. For more information and for a personalised non-obligation quote give us a call: 020 3292 1343