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University is the best time in the life of many students, filled with wonderful memories, good friends, and the craziest fun nights out. But for many it is also a difficult time, marked with exam stress, sleepless nights, and never ending deadlines. That is why we have launched our customised essay writing service and dissertation writing service, dedicated to those of you who need that extra push to improve their performance in class. Our team of professional researchers offers help with all types of academic assignments, regardless of your subject field and level of education. We can help you make your university time less stressful, and more fulfilling – a time to remember, and for the right reasons. For more information on our services, click here. We look forward to working with you!

Essay Writing Service UK was established as a provider of all types of academic help for undergraduate and postgraduate students. Over the years our professional essay writing service and dissertation writing service has helped hundreds of students achieve better results and perform well on their academic assignments. Our team of trained and carefully recruited writers can help you with academic assignments, regardless of their length, requirements, delivery period and academic subject. We offer more than 15 different types of academic writing services, and we take pride a confidential, quick, professional, and original service.

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Getting a degree for higher education is a challenge for many students in the UK, be they international students, or native speakers. The language barrier is only one of the many problems students encounter once they start working towards their degree. The other challenges relate to academic research and submitting the regular academic assignments, which are important requirements for most universities and programmes. On average, students need to submit two to five academic assignments per term, varying in length, topic, and research requirements. Added to that, most students have to submit a dissertation at the end of their course of education, where the length can start from 5000 words and reach up to 15,000 words for postgraduate dissertations.

Our organisation was established as a reliable UK essay writing platform and provider of academic writing services for undergraduate, postgraduate, PhD, and college students. Since our inception, we have provided hundreds of quality model assignments to students from almost all academic disciplines. Our team of professional essay writers have been individually recruited and trained, and they all have postgraduate degrees from UK accredited universities. We take pride in a constantly expanding team of writers, who provide customised and well-researched original model answers and essays.

Having realised that UK essay writing standards are formidable, we have devised separate platforms to suit the needs of different customers. Our services are versatile, ranging from dissertation writing, report writing, course work writing, literature review and book review writing, to CV and university application writing (including help with personal statements). We also offer bespoke service related to exam notes and the preparation of tailored study guides.

Apart from our professional essay writers team, we take immense pride in our customer service team, which is dedicated to making sure that the requirements of your order will be completely met. Before you decide to place your order, we are always happy to review your assignment requirements and give you free, non-obligation quote, as well as a free list of suggestions on what needs to be improved, if you are requesting an academic edit. After this, your requirements will be reviewed and a project coordinator will be assigned to work with you and the writer allocated to this project, to make sure the delivery is smooth and problem free. Along the way you will be able to give your feedback and comments, which will be incorporated in all drafts, and as a customer, you will be entitled to up to a month of free amendments, depending on the length of your assignment (one month free amendments is usually the period for amendments for dissertation writing). We will also be happy to incorporate any suggestions from your tutors, which might help improve the overall quality of the work.

In our organisation we make sure that the quality of the papers we deliver is guaranteed. All essays and assignments go through a quality check procedure once submitted to us, and we return them for amendments if they do not meet the criteria of the organisation, and the requirements for the client’s brief. In addition, all work is scanned for plagiarism, and we aim to keep up with the university requirements for minimum similarity level.

All assignments come with free bibliography, table of contents, appendices and other additions, such as abstracts/executive summaries, if these are required in the brief. In addition, all assignments are being proofread once by the team of professional essay writers, and a second time by the editor or another member of the quality check team, assigned to supervise your order. All orders are delivered via email, and you can be in touch with your customer team coordinator, over the phone or via email, to receive regular updates on the progress of your order.

Apart from professional UK essay writing, our organisation helps many students with choosing the right topic or research question for their assignment (especially for dissertations), and improving the quality of existing assignments. Again, we will review your assignment and provide a free healthcheck for content, level of critical analysis, referencing, and structure. Based on these, we will allocate one of the professional essay writers to improve the assignment.